VIVO Vertical Sausage Stuffer Review

When you love cooking, there is no power to stop you from it. You just don’t care for anything but taste. And of course, you like to make new tasty dishes for your family and friends. What about some delicious sausage recipes? Your loved ones will crave for it. So why don’t you try some yummy sausage recipes at your tea parties? Don’t worry, no need to go out for buying ready-made stuffed sausage. With this fabulous meat grinder sausage stuffer, you can stuff sausage by yourself so quickly.

Features and Specifications

Surely you are going to love those impressive features and specifications of the new VIVO sausage stuffer vertical stainless steel 3L/7LB 5-7 pound meat filler. The interesting characters of this sausage stuffer are as follows:

  • First of all, it’s eye-catchy. A vibrant red-colored machine is going to pamper your kitchen decoration no doubt.
  • It has a high-quality stainless steel cylinder and a stable metal base.
  • All Gears and pistons are made of metal.
  • The cylinder can tilt back for convenient filling and includes four different plastic nozzles.
  • It has a piston with an air release valve to allow air to escape.
  • Plastic nozzles are of 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm.
  • Dimensions of it – Base is 11 7/8″ x 8 3/4″, Height is 18 1/4″ (plunger rod can extend up to 9 3/8″ out the top) and the Inside Cylinder is 5 7/16″ (diameter) x 7 7/8″.


The pros of this meat grinder sausage stuffer are:

  • The VIVO 3 liter (7 pounds) sausage stuffer is a tool that can be easily used for both beginners and professionals.
  • Straightforward and quick.
  • You can disassemble it quickly and easily for thorough cleaning.
  • High torque gearing that will last long.
  • The rubber gasket is not flimsy.
  • Well built and the seal on the plunger is perfect.
  • Perfect size for average cooking.
  • Not heavy on your pocket.


Apart from all bright sides, the meat grinder sausage stuffer has some flaws as well.

  • The little rubber feet could be more finely attached. It seems to be cheap.
  • You can have a little problem when working with the handle.
  • It will be nice if VIVO adds some holes in the base to secure the stuffer to the table.

Final Verdict

VIVO Vertical Sausage StufferOverall, it’s a nice catch for you if you interested to experiment with the sausage or meat kind of stuff. Yes, it has some drawbacks, but keeping the price in mind, those don’t bother you that much. You don’t need to be professional as well to use this stuffer. No hectic schedule related to cleaning and it matters. To be summarized, it won’t disappoint you at all. If you are up for average party snacks or meal-starters, it can help you a lot. Tasty dishes, tasty experiments, and nice comments, all are yours. Go, get it, and try once.

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