Sunmile SM-G31 Electric Meat Grinder Review

Grinding meat into perfectly portioned bits isn’t always a simple process — and who wants to purchase pre-ground meat and take the fun out of creating sausage at home? With the Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder Max, you can both enjoy the sausage-making process and grind your own meat. This powerful machine works through over 100 pounds of meat, turning tough and tricky cuts into expertly ground meat while requiring little effort on your part. No cranks, no pushing, no upper body strength needed to get grinding.

There’s no extra work or additional appliances needed with the Sunmile, one among many electric meat grinders. Some say the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max sets itself apart from its competition by grinding not simply meat, but also any other foods you’d like to include in your homemade sausage varieties. As a dual-function meat grinder sausage stuffer, this handy appliance fills more than one need in the kitchen. While it’s a bit tricky to put together and get working upon first unpacking it, taking care to read the instructions that accompany the machine can solve many minor problems. Whether you grind meat for delicious recipes or love stuffing your own varieties of sausage, the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max has a lot to offer.

Grind Over 100 Pounds of Meat Effortlessly

Perhaps the most exciting and important feature of the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max is that it is powered by an electric motor. Simply plug this machine into an electrical outlet, and the powerful 250-watt motor takes care of the grinding quickly. No matter the type of meat, or its texture, the Sunmile appliance gets grinding with its electrical power — in just minutes, you have perfectly ground meat with zero crankings, churning, or pushing as you would with a handheld machine. Within the span of a single hour, you can grind over 150 pounds of various meats.

A Full Set of Unique and Useful Accessories

Second to the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max’s powerful grinding capability is its slate of accessories, all included with the machine itself. It includes a cutting blade, three different types of cutting plates, three sausage stuffing attachments in varied lengths and sizes, and even a plastic pushing instrument to make feeding meat into the grinder itself easier. As you work to create your homemade sausage links, the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max makes adjustments and changes an easy part of the process. Change the grind of the meat itself by swapping out one of the three cutting plates, or alter the size of your sausage links by controlling the flow of meat into each casing.

Product Specifications

  • 250-watt motor operated via electricity
  • Detachable aluminum stuffing tube
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • 3 interchangeable stainless steel cutting plates
  • 3 sausage stuffing attachments
  • Plastic meat pusher
  • UL ETL certified

Is The Appliance Worth It?

With many satisfied customers around the world and online, the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max is a highly rated stainless steel meat grinder. Users in various kitchens rave about its quick speed and high-capacity ability; it’s also rated incredibly easy to use, requiring nothing more than a press of the on/off switch. However, this electric meat grinder and sausage stuffer can be a tricky one to keep clean and carefully cared for. Many reviewers report finding areas of discoloration on both the stainless steel outer body and upon the varied accessories. It is not an appliance that can be placed inside a dishwasher and requires hand-cleaning to keep all of the parts in the best working order. As a result, cleanup can be challenging — soaking and scrubbing by hand is necessary. Some also report having problems when initially attempting to set the machine up; the instructions are not the clearest, and the blade can attach in a way that prevents the meat from grinding at all. But, at the end of the day, what makes this electric meat grinder a strong ally in the kitchen is its powerful motor and quick work.

Though many other varieties of electric meat grinders exist, none are as simple as the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max — with the easy flick of an on/off switch, the meat of any kind becomes perfectly ground. Careful attention while cleaning the machine after use is needed; with no care and much use, the appliance itself can begin to rust in places such as its gears. With the addition of lubricant, though, the Sunmile Meat Grinder Max problems are solved. Sturdy, solid, and a hard worker, it’s an appliance that can last.

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