STX Megaforce Classic 3000 Electric Meat Grinder Review

Time is something that is very precious. If you take a close look at the lifestyle of individuals in recent times, you will get a clear idea of the fact that people do not have much of a time to spare. On the other hand, having food that is healthy is also required. The rising prices of ground meat have proven to be a matter of hassle for the commoners. This has, in turn, led a sharp rise in the purchase of an electric meat grinder that helps solve the purpose. The STX International grinder is one of the lots; that has proved to be highly beneficial for the users.

Features and Specifications

The grinder does have certain attractive features of its own that make it all the more desirable to the buyers:

  • Comes with a locked motor that is of about 3000W.
  • It comes with grinders that are of various sizes ranging from medium all the way to small ones. Thus, you can grind meat as per your requirement.
  • This electric meat grinder comes with all sorts of other attachments and parts that are required to get the right quality of ground meat.
  • The blades of the product are made up of stainless steel that helps it become durable enough.
  • You can replace the products as per your requirement in case they get damaged in one way or the other.


Enlisted below are some of the most advantageous aspects of the electric meat grinder:

  • It takes only a couple of minutes to take Grind meat into a fine paste and thus you have sufficient time to spare.
  • You can grind a considerable amount of meat in the grinder at the same time.
  • You can wash all the parts of the product with your hands. This ensures the fact that you do not have to make use of any other external machinery to clean the device.
  • Comes in a reasonable price range that is within the range of affordability for the buyers.
  • A set of 3 cutting blades makes it easier for you to eject the ground meat easily.
  • The meat does not stick much to the container.


  • The size of the product might prove to be a problem for you as it occupies a large amount of space.
  • There have been cases where the product has been known to produce unwanted noise during the process of grinding.
  • The entire look of the device might not be that attractive enough, especially the chords that have been provided.

Final Verdict

The product has managed to receive mixed reviews from the buyers in general. There have been some who are greatly satisfied with the efficiency of the commodity while there are others who have faced a certain amount of problems with it. But on an overall basis, this grinder is a handy piece of electric device that helps cut down the effort that you put in when it comes to grinding meat at your home.

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