Norpro Meat Grinder Review

Are you looking for a meat grinder? If yes, then you have to know something about a good meat grinder. There are two types of meat grinders are available in the market- manual and electronic. If you are looking for a manual meat grinder, then Norpro will be the right choice for you. The Norpro meat grinder can be used as a pasta and mince maker. This is ideal for a small family that grinds meat occasionally. You can go for this item as it is the three in one appliance which performs as a meat grinder as well as a mincer and a pasta maker. This product got a huge appreciation from customers. Here are the reasons:


Having the manual operating system and amazing features Norpro meat grinder has grabbed the viewers’ attention. Here is the list of amazing features:

  • The manufacturer has given it a compact design to make it more users friendly.
  • This Hand Crank Meat Grinder is perfect for who loves a manual operating system more than an electric and wants a multifunctional kitchen appliance.
  • This is a three in one appliance by which you can grind meat and make mince and pasta. These three functions made this item unique from others.
  • It included a very safe suction base and incorporated a secure locking key.
  • Norpro manual meat grinder contains two mincing plates such as a coarse mincing plate and a fine mincing plate. According to the recipe, you can use one of these plates.
  • The cutting blades are made of stainless steel which is long-lasting and free from rust.
  • As it is also a pasta maker, it includes a part by which you can make Pasta. Three parts are there for rigatoni, spaghetti, and linguine which are essential to make your pasta.
  • A sausage funnel is attached to this item by which you can have tasty homemade sausage.

Specification and Technical Features:

  • The dimension of this product is 8×5×5 inches with two pounds of weight.
  • The manual operating system is user-friendly.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • This item has FDA certification.
  • This is a USA product.


If you are looking for a multitasking kitchen appliance then the Norpro meat grinder, pasta, and mince maker should be top of your list. You may find so many items like this at the same price, but its good quality and performance make it different from others. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this product:

  • Lightweight makes it easy to move it from one place to another.
  • The manual operating system is very easy so that everyone can use it.
  • You can turn handle with a minimum effort.
  • A compact design and durable blades are the best parts of this item.


  • The unit’s handle is longer than the actual unit.
  • A longer handle makes the grinding process easier. As the handle is long, you need a place that is close to an edge to place the grinder.
  • If you want to grind meat through the grinder, then make sure meat is trimmed well.

Final Verdict

Having above mentioned amazing features at an affordable price Norpro meat grinder must be your first choice. So bring this Hand Crank Meat Grinder and make your kitchen versatile with Norpro meat, pasta, and mince maker.

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