Gourmia GMG-400 PrimePro Electric Meat Grinder Review

Are you worried about the rising prices of ground meat in the market? Well, in that case, an electric meat grinder might just be of the right use to you. You can save those extra bucks and get freshly ground meat right at your home in a comparatively effortless manner. Gourmia meat grinder is a new variety of mixer grinder that has been launched in the market in the genre of the same. The product is a perfect amalgamation of both look and efficiency at the same time. A meat grinder is a great way in which you can curdle down the time that is needed for preparing delicacies at your home.

Features and Specifications

Every soul would want to purchase a device that has features to ease the amount of human effort that is required. The below-mentioned features of the product assure the fact that you get every bit of help required:

  • The electric meat grinder has been incorporated with stainless steel grinding plates that are meant for both media as well as fine grinding.
  • The metal food tray that has been provided is detachable in nature and can be removed when required.
  • You get a set of 3 piece sausage as well as a kibbe attachment that proves to be handy enough.
  • In the case of jamming or any other problem, you can always make use of the reverse switch that is provided.
  • The stainless steel plates of the product are exchangeable in nature and can be replaced in case of any external damage.


  • Helps you keep you the meat fresh after you grind it up.
  • You can be assured of the fact that there will be no unwanted fillers in the meat that you grind.
  • The electric meat grinder is versatile in nature and can be used to grind up the meat of all types.
  • It comes with attachments that make it easier for the parts to be replaced.
  • Has great value for money and is quite reasonable.
  • The reverse switch ensures that the meat does not get stuck in your machinery in any way during the process of grinding.


  • It might clog up at frequent intervals proving to be a matter of hassle for the user.
  • There have been complaints of a certain amount of burnt smell being released from the meat.
  • You might not be able to grind up certain meat like deer meat with absolute perfection.

Final Verdict

Gourmia Meat Grinder GMG-400When in need of a perfect electric meat grinder that comes at a reasonable price range with all the required features to make the process of meat grinding an easy one, this device can indeed be of some help to you. The best thing about this is that the product is made available in some web portals. In case you do not want to go out there physically, you can always get them ordered online after taking a look at the reviews that have been provided by the users.

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