Top 5 Best Meat Grinders for Home [Reviewed – 2020]

Out of the many useful kitchen appliances, meat grinder are needed on a regular basis. In this reviews, these cleverly crafted tools are designed to help make the act of chopping meat easier. Be it a sit-down dinner, quick-bite sandwiches, soups, or fancy cuisines, grinders are a source of creativity in the kitchen. There are varieties of these products designed to suit the custom needs of households. The food industry also requires durable meat grinders for its kitchens in restaurants around the world. Grocers, butchers, and chefs make use of grinders suited for commercial purposes. Many choose instead to opt for that’s effective at preparing the meat of all kinds.

Soft meat includes chicken and duck while lamb, beef, and pork fall under the tough category. Meat Grinder reviews state that the biggest boon of this modern appliance is that people no longer have to buy tinned or canned meat. This means healthier food intake is guaranteed, given there are less fat and no chemicals. You don’t have to worry about consuming bad-quality meat as you grind your own. Hunters save money, too, as they don’t need to pass on the task of their game.

There are manual and electrical meat grinders available to chop soft and tough meat varieties. Naturally, electrical machines are easy to use – all you need to do is switch on the start button and watch the grinders work. can fail to suit needs when the quantity of meat is too high. However, there are pros and cons to each variety, and users should weigh these factors before committing to a meat grinder.

Best Meat Grinder Reviews

01. STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder

The STX 3000 Turboforce meat grinder is a powerful product that guarantees quick output. The company is known for its accurate product ratings, and this meat grinder is one of their best-received items. The advantage of the STX Turbo is that all necessary attachments included with the machine. It operates on electricity and has three cutting blades made out of stainless steel. A size-12 grinding head, plates of different sizes, sausage stuffing tubes, Kubbe attachment, and an adapter are all also included as accessories.

The entire grinder builds from sturdy cast aluminum that won’t break or damage easily. Other products have an outer coat of the same but are not made entirely of this real metal. The 3000-watt power is useful when a large amount of meat needs to be ground. There are minimal chances of it getting stuck in the mechanism, and impressively sized quantities can be churn at the same time. The biggest plus offered by the company is a three-year unconditional warranty that includes replacement and repair for any parts of the appliance that may fail.

They are quick to respond to customer inquiries and work to ensure the client is completely satisfied. As a user, the only hitch that you might face is this machine must be kept out of the dishwasher and should be washed by hand only. Unfortunately, this appliance’s metal material is not safe in dishwashers.

02. LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The LEM sausage stuffer has a base made of stainless steel with two clamps that can be used to secure it to a countertop or table within any kitchen. It has metal gears, and the cylinder can be detached. The grinder offers users a choice of ½”, ¾” and 1″ stuffing tubes and a suitable air-release valve. The advantage of having a stainless steel base and a cylinder is that these metal components are corrosion-resistant and hence durable.

The included clamps that attach to the table or counter make it easy to move the machine throughout your kitchen, finding stability wherever it placed. Additionally, when you need to refill or clean the cylinder, you can do so easily. LEM prides itself on user satisfaction, and the company offers a dedicated team that handles all service problems. Making sausage at home might take time, but grinding the meat you need just takes a few minutes with this LEM meat grinder.

03. LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Electric Meat Grinder

This grinder is a budget-friendly product meant for typical usage, but it is not a meat grinder that can be used on a daily basis. Built with stainless steel and Big Bite technology, it is light and flexible, easy to move around, or place anywhere within your kitchen. This problem makes LEM Meat Grinder is an excellent choice for travelers and hunters who are constantly on the go. Tough meat like pork and beef can be ground in this electric grinder quickly, and amounts to 2-3 pounds are easy to get through in just a few minutes. However, to insert the meat, you have to cut it into small pieces and put it through a feed tube.

There are two grinding plates, a stuffing plate, cutting knife included with the meat grinder itself. When hard at work tackling your meats, the grinder can be a little loud as its components buzz while grinding. All attachments have to be hand-washed in warm water, as these parts can become discolored if put into the dishwasher. Although cleaning through the dishwasher doesn’t impact the safety of the machine, it does make the shiny appearance of the machine look quite unattractive. LEM #8 recommended for those who perform limited and occasional grinding. Commercial users need something more hardcore and powerful to complete their grinding tasks. Household chefs love this product because it is handy in grinding meat efficiently and can save them the trouble of purchasing processed meat.

It is not made of stainless steel and is less durable in comparison to the more efficient heavy-duty grinders. The mechanisms of the machine-made from either plastic or aluminum, and if you are fine with that, this product will suit your needs. LEM meat grinder is backed up by excellent customer service that leaves users with little dissatisfaction. Additionally, many optional attachments can be ordered in the future and used as a part of the appliance should you wish to add to your meat grinder’s capabilities.

04. LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

LEM #10 manual meat grinder is a variety with a stainless steel clamp-on its base. This durable machine has three different stuffing tubes to make types of sausages. You can secure this meat grinder on most surfaces with the help of the big clamp – just adjust its opening and slide it onto your counter or table. The blade that grinds your meat is made of carbon steel that can be sharpened and honed, making it an appliance that can handle much-grinding duty over time. There are also two steel plates included with the grinder, allowing you to pick how coarse you want the meat to be.

Unlike other appliances, this LEM meat grinder is compact and easy to accommodate in a kitchen of any size. It’s very affordable in comparison to electric grinders and has an interior construction that is built to prevent leakage. The blades of the LEM #10 sharpen themselves over-usage. Users should ensure they come into minimum contact with bones, as these sharp and delicate pieces can cause damage to the blades. Finally, this meat grinder is not dishwasher safe and needs to be cleaned with soap and water by hand. A smart cleaning tip for the inside: ground paper towels inside to remove any leftover traces of meat.

05. Bosch Universal Meat Grinder Attachment – Best Universal Meat Grinder

This attachment grinder is used to grind all sorts of food items like meat, vegetables, and more. There is a 4.5 mm disk, along with other sizes, so the user can adjust it according to their needs. Food items can easily feed into it with the help of a stomper. A filter tray, pusher, and 4-blade knife also include in the package. The Bosch Universal grinder has been tested alongside many grinders, and the results were favorable. To achieve the best results, we recommend that users use frozen meat for grinding.

Older versions of the Universal mixer can accommodate the meat grinder attachment as well. However, if you plan to use this attachment on an older model mixer, you may have to purchase a shorter support leg separately to attach it perfectly. As mentioned previously, meat grinder attachments are flexible when it comes to food products beyond meat. These appliances can turn a meat grinder attachment into a Universal meat grinder, chopping up additional items; and, with further mixer attachments like nuts and cheese grates, cookie and pastry press, pasta makers, and more, you can make your mixer a helpful hand in any recipe.

Types of Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinders

Those who want to grind meat only for short, infrequent periods of time should choose a manual meat grinder. Additionally, physically inexperienced users may face problems with this product. They require elbow grease and strong arms to grind quickly tough meats. It takes time and energy. Sometimes, people choose to opt for a manual grinder because they don’t have guaranteed access to electricity.


  • Affordable: Manual grinders are simple in their mechanism and available at reasonable costs. Without having to use electricity at your restaurant, home, or shop, you can gain additional savings. With daily and frequent utilization, the amount of power and effort used with a manual grinder can matter greatly.
  • Handy: Manual grinders are safe and straightforward to use. Even when you don’t have access to electricity and need to get grinding, you can do so without hindrance. It is a practical choice for travelers, hunters, and those often on the move.
  • Exercise: Constant use of your arms makes manual grinders a surprisingly productive form of exercise. It is as effective as any regular upper arm workout at the gym.


  • Quick Output: Anything that requires human effort will take more time when compared to electricity.
  • Tiring: One use of your manual grinder may make you grow bored of the grinding regime. No laziness is allowed in, its use to achieve ground meat; you need to work hard.
  • Hygiene: It is important to keep the meat cool. If you work on a manual grinder, the process grows longer if you need to freeze the meat before grinding. It is not advisable to expose meat to warm temperatures.

Electric Meat Grinders

These machines allow people to grind large quantities of meat quickly. Though they can be expensive, electric grinders allow people to complete relief and comfort. Those who like to play with different styles of grinding meat can do so with an electronic version, adjusting the grind and speed with the touch of a button.


  • Speed: An electrical grinder grinds meat quickly. You can have pounds of grounded meat ready within a few hours. It offers a much-required benefit to commercial users.
  • Increased Safety: There is less chance of food-borne illnesses, as electrical grinders don’t require much contact with the meat. Also, the machines are quick enough to chop meat before it spoils.
  • Easy to Use: Electrical grinders can just be switched on to use. Plug it in, and it’s ready to get grinding.


  • Heavy: It can be tough to move around an electric grinder due to their increased weight. It can be difficult when the user needs to travel or use the machine in a new location.
  • Maintenance: In the case of any mechanical problems, the machine will have to be fixed by professionals. Also, all mechanics might not be able to do justice to the task.
  • Expensive: Electric meat grinders can be affordable or costly, but they are pricier than a manual one.

Meat Grinder Attachments

Some electric mixers can accommodate a meat grinder attachment. They give the chef a chance to chop and grind meat but also leave scope for other cooking-related preparations. It is the best option for those who are not interested in spending much money, or who simply want to grind meat every so often. Those who have a motor/engine fixed into their grinders will find this an affordable option, as an attachment costs just a fraction of a standalone meat grinder.

Final Words

This meat grinder reviews will help you pick out a grinder that you will love to use – and one that suits your grinding needs. Buying one of these products will put you at ease when it comes to consuming quality meat and avoiding processed varieties. There are plenty of designs available out in the market, and users can find a variety of meat grinder that matches with their kitchen and their cooking habits. Get a firm idea of the options available so that you can compare and check specifications. You can also discover inexpensive choices that fall within your budget, no matter your price range. So, start reading and analyzing your way into the world of meat grinding.

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